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The excellent moves by the Twitter Team into channeling tweet content for “viewers’ should come as no surprise.  2012 has been the year that Twitter has become serious about driving revenue and they’ve launched numerous advertising schemes and enhanced Corporate Profile pages as a start.  Their use of the 300+ million daily tweets as targeted features of focused content for interested Twitter users is a natural.

Back in June of 2012 Twitter channeled “featured” tweets on a single page for a Nascar race where they were able to channel tweets by the race participants, journalists and celebrities into a focused stream on the page.  This was only a warm up to what they did with the Olympics.  Twitter is took a similar approach by screening tweets for all things Olympics – but the number of personalities they channeled into the #Olympics hashtag was huge. They met with athletes and other Olympic celebrities to get them to tweet more including images and video, and they made a huge use of the “expanded tweet” tool for this stream to display additional rich media content.  It was a hugely exciting development for Twitter.

It can only be a matter of time before Twitter expands this approach to an ever wider number of big events.  Let’s face it; contrary to comments by company executives, Twitter is a broadcast media company.  They just haven’t fully used their incredible content this way until now.  Consider how jealous other media companies must be who can only report about the event after it happens or TV that can only show what its cameras can see.  Twitter on the other hand gets the human side of the story as it unfolds directly from those who participate – in real time.

This…is BIG!

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