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For More on How to Participate in an Event
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We also provide a multi-format video player that can be used to enhance the Chat Event...get the web address from popular sites like YouTube or Vimeo, plug it in and give your group something to really talk about!

Tweetvision also offers a full service Image Gallery...and as you can see you can really show off your art work in large formats!


Let's take a closer look at how simple the Tweet Stream is to use...if you can text you can tweet...just type your message into this box and click the Update button, the #Hashtag for the event is auto included in every message sent...

You'll need to keep your message focused, but that's the fun...comments are limited by characters and this handy counter will keep track for you...if you go over it won't send your Tweet so keep an eye on it...


Once you hit the update button your message will be sent - and it will appear in the stream below in the order it was of the cool things is that 100 people can hit submit at the same time and all tweets will appear ensuring that all voices are heard!

Our Tweetvision player has a few other features to make event participation go smoothly like pausing the stream completely or...

peepwise can adjust the rate the stream flows by with the refresh button...we've found that with a setting of 5 seconds the stream is managed best - but play around with it until you find your sweet spot...

For those that want the font to be a little bigger, the toggle font button will help you - but keep in mind with the larger font the stream will seem to go faster so you may want to adjust the refresh rate to make it flow more smoothly...


The Reply arrow when clicked will pick the twitter handle responsible for the tweet you click and their twitter handle will auto appear in the message window with the mouse blinking at you ready to type a message to that person... can also comment to everyone included in the tweet by clicking the Retweet arrow...when clicked, the entire tweet will auto appear in the message window and your cursor will be ready for you to add a comment...this helps so others will see what you're commenting on - but you may need to do a bit of trimming to get the new message under 140 characters - but the counter will help you with that...

Finally, if you want to highlight the moderator so you don't miss any questions or someone you find dazzling, you can click on the User Control Icon and then the "feature" button and every tweet that this person sends will appear in bold text in the stream...also to remove annoying tweeters you can click the block tab and their tweets will disappear from the stream...the User Control button below the message box can be opened to remove this control if you change your mind...