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Whether you have a group interested in a weekly Converoo, an existing group looking to grow with an online venue, a brand or service seeking a real time burst of exposure, or a passion for a topic you want to share - or something in between...we can help you make it happen.
4 Simple Steps to Converoo Program Success
  1. Set up your Converoo Group Account (don't worry its FREE!) -CLICK HERE
  2. Create Your Group's Home Base and Program Schedule (Yup, its also FREE!)
  3. Send invitations to join your Group and Preview your Program
  4. Recap your Program and recognize your most active Converoos! :)
Enhance with Converoo Program Support
  • Tools and templates that will turn your Event audience into a Band of Regulars
  • Moderating and cool multimedia elements (video, photos, sound clips)
  • Program audience and group member recruitment
  • Featured Program opportunities in the TweetVision Guide
Start your Converoo Experience
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