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Everywhere we look there is so much content screaming for our attention.  It can be tiring figuring out what or where to spend our precious time.
I find a great place where I can get back a sense of control is through participating in Group Tweet Conversations. (For a Searchable Directory: Go Here)

There are hundreds of them occurring regularly at scheduled times every week, and with about 100 million people tweeting every day, there are group tweet sessions for every type of topic or interest. They’re one of the few sources of content that is “crowd sourced“ from smart people with similar interests as you.  You can make great connections, establish your own personal credibility and find a regular source of information about what interests you most…it’s also a lot of fun.

Early adopters of these tweet conversations called them Chats, and this name has stuck, but that term is way too simple for the content that these weekly “events” represent.  They all happen live, in real time, and if you miss your event you can usually go to the event’s website (most have one) and get a recap or a transcript of what was said.  For me that is too much like a blog and it really misses the point.

The whole idea is that one can interact spontaneously, make connections and control content by asking for answers directly to the assembled crowd.  Typically group tweet conversations have an agenda, an expert guest and a set of topics or question for each weekly get together.

Recently I was asked to be a featured Guest at a group tweet event sponsored by Building Bridges for Business.  They’re a not for profit business incubator in Pittsburgh.  Here is a sample of the questions asked and a few of my responses to give you a flavor of a typical event:

bridges4biz  Q6 Who should I be talking to at networking events? 
Converoo: A6 Try saying nothing about yourself and only ask questions as if your contact is the most important person in the world

bridges4biz  Q8 How can I keep tabs on the pulse of my industry through online media? 
Converoo:  A8 Find a Chat at Converoo to follow, better yet start one yourself! (also, Google, LinkedIn, top 5 industry bloggers can help)

bridges4biz  Q9 How can I better gauge ROI for marketing efforts? 
Converoo:  A9 It’s all about Word of Mouth where the story of your experience is shared… Social Media does this best – group tweet events can provide direct ROI feedback

bridges4biz  Q11 What characteristics make a good entrepreneur?
Converoo:  A11 Someone ready to be committed…. total craziness… seriously, it can be a lot of fun if you like a good joy ride :)

These are just my answers, yet during this particular event there were all kinds of responses and I learned a ton from it.  Not trying to plug Converoo, but for now we have the only definitive and searchable Guide to these weekly events (if interested – Go Here).


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