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It was only a matter of time for Twitter users to find a way to congregate in groups. Social Connectivity is one of the core elements for human happiness so…it was preordained!

…but it didn’t happen naturally because Twitter doesn’t offer groups as part of their basic service. On Facebook, Google+, Linked In, basically on every other social network, there are groups to join. In fact on LinkedIn and Facebook they make it part of the sign up process for new users, asking if they want to join or form a group! Twitter hasn’t.

Twitter did create the #hashtag that can be used to search any bit of Twitter content or Tweet, regardless of whether the people are following one another.  It didn’t take long for social innovators to realize if a group of people tweeted all at the same time and included the same #hashtag in every tweet that Twitterites could connect and hang out in real time.  Thus a Twitter Group was born…from the early days these tweet-ups took a name from the 1990’s that most was familiar with and the unfortunate Twitter Chat moniker stuck.

Perhaps in the early days the term “chat” was appropriate, but today for well managed and established Group Events, they are anything but breezy, casual and time wasting exchanges of unimportant gossip!  They’re attended by incredibly astute subject matter experts that respond to moderator questions with a passion for demonstrating their prowess and occasionally trying to top one another with the most poignant or definitive answer.  When this happens, and it does often, the exchange is a cascade of incredible content leaving participants breathless at the end of an hour long event!

Most importantly, participants come back week after week and grow bonds and friendships with other weekly attendees greatly enhancing their Twitter social experience.  Even without Twitter urging this activity, Twitter Groups have grown and are becoming one of the most enticing offerings of the service. To find a Twitter Event of interest, Converoo offers an Event Guide with an active search program…Check it out, but be kind, we’re homegrown and still working out the bugs and content accuracy. If you go and find something we can fix Let Us Know!

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