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The Twitter platform has one of the most powerful social connecting tools in all of Social Media. Surprisingly, the tool was spawned organically by users who craved more “social coziness” in their Twitter experience. Crafting pithy tweets in hopes of making social acquaintances is one thing, but to create stronger connections they found a way to create groups. As these original groups became more prevalent they became known as “chats,” and in the last year or so they have become an increasingly popular with the Tweek Crowd (Twitter Geeks – as a Tweek, I use the term with the utmost respect).

The forming of Twitter Groups should come as a shock to no one. On competing social networks, group activity is a strong catalyst for social connectivity where posting and commenting on content at Group pages is the norm. On LinkedIn there are over 1.2 million groups and Facebook has over 50 million. Both networks are huge proponents of group activity, where both make joining or starting a group part of the Sign Up process for new members. Twitter doesn’t offer groups of any kind at Sign Up and the few hundred organically spawned “Chats” have no centralized method to promote group activity and there is no schedule outlining when the groups meet. Yet Chats are not only thriving, but their numbers are growing.

Calling these groups “chats,’ is a huge misnomer as they are a far cry from “a breezy, non important, casual exchange.” More importantly, different from most other online groups, Twitter groups meet in live “real time’ events where the interactive experience can be breathtaking. It’s not unusual for some Events to have 500+ tweets with participants adding and expanding on the Event topic. There is no other medium where hundreds of people can participate interactively in real time and have their voices heard. Some have likened it to an amazing cavalcade of ideas or a lightening round of content that whizzes by the screen over the course of an hour. With the “live” aspect you never know what you’ll experience making the event spontaneous and exciting.

By participating with the same group on a weekly basis Twitter users get to know people with like interests without having to send out pithy tweets in hopes of striking up a conversation. Social Connections are made and for many that one hour each week makes up their entire Twitter experience, while others get hooked and participate in several events each week – replacing their TV viewing with “prime time” Event participation.

At Converoo, we’re convinced that the Twitter Group experience is barely scratching the surface of its potential popularity. As the name implies, the majority of people on Twitter view “chats” as a time wasting activity, and have little idea of what a Group Event is really like. With a bit of education and marketing (maybe a name change) this can quickly be put to rest. We also are convinced that the current event choreography can be vastly improved with the addition of rich media to augment the 140 character text based content. By experimenting with multimedia we feel that we can take Twitter Group Events to another level of interactive information sharing and entertainment.

There is no better interactive medium available for Social Connectivity in support of human happiness…

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